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"If I made records for my own pleasure, I would only record Charley Patton songs." - Bob Dylan

The Very First Bob Dylan Bootleg Record Discography? 1979 by Jim Linderman

The very first discography of Bob Dylan Bootlegs? Maybe not, but sure one of them. I wrote this and published it in a newspaper for record collectors way back in 1979. Music World and Record Digest Weekly News was primarily a vehicle for record collectors to list items for sale, and this is how record auctions were done way back when. As I recall, I was paid with a free one year subscription. (More that I am paid for writing now!) I have photocopies of some of the jackets which were submitted with the article, but they didn't print them. They were more interested in Elvis, but they printed the article anyway. Music World was an offshoot of Jerry Osborne's price guides to collectible records. Imagine my surprise when I learned they are still publishing! Jerry's price guide is now over 1000 pages. I do not know if they include bootlegs. Since I WAS a nerd, but am cool now, I will post few other early pieces of Dylan related ephemera in the future. A note...the sleeves to these primitive records were often pasted on crooked (like the fellows who pressed them) so if the old copies look askew, don't blame me.

Bob Dylan Bootlegs by Jim Linderman Music World and Record Digest Weekly News Number 45 May 16, 1979