Pass it Around

"If I made records for my own pleasure, I would only record Charley Patton songs." - Bob Dylan

Duke Does Dylan Ellington Covers Bob and Blows Some Wind

We all make mistakes. In this massive, reputation busting mistake, The Duke jazzes up Blowing in the Wind.

You will want to turn UP the sound to hear the "Bwah Bwah" sounds at first, but when the horns blow the blowing part, you'll tear the headphones from your skull faster than the A-train skips 72nd Street during rush hour.

1965. I am sure Mr. Dylan was racing pretty fast those days, and if he sees this post he can remember and take considerable pride that one of the greatest American musicians of all time recorded one of his songs... just a shame Duke didn't wait for "If Dogs Run Free" or the drunken horn riffs from "Rainy Day Woman" far as I know as close as Dylan has come to a Dixieland song, sorta, despite the New Orleans work with Lanois.

Ellington 65 also includes Danke Shoen, but EVERY album that year included Danke Shoen.