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"If I made records for my own pleasure, I would only record Charley Patton songs." - Bob Dylan

Duane Allman's Last Ride The Amateur Documentary

A gruesome, yet gripping ride along the roads of Macon by Indianracer 111 on youtube. As much horror show as homemade documentary, the rider travels the routes which killed two master musicians from the Allman Brothers.  Unfortunate, yet remarkable..and for those who appreciate the staggering genius of both Duane Allman and Barry Oakley, seeing the very roads which took them, a mere three blocks from each other, is fascinating.  You will see the environment which produced the band and much more.  The film is not violent, but matter of fact...and it is a tribute as well as a history lesson.  

A guitarist who you can not avoid if you listen to ANY music today.  When the Allman's created the genre "Southern Rock" (a phrase Gregg Allman correctly called redundant) the slide was uncommon.  Today, it is everywhere, but no one ever did it better than Gregg's brother Duane.  No one.

The new Duane Allman boxset from Rounder is eagerly awaited here.

I am posting this amazing ride not to celebrate it.  There is a lesson here, it is drive safe, wear a helmet, enjoy the precious life you have and eat a peach.  And for Gawd's sake buy the boxset.  You will be glad you did.