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"If I made records for my own pleasure, I would only record Charley Patton songs." - Bob Dylan

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Unfortunately, it appears we are in for an epic flood from Memphis down, as the Mississippi swells over towns north already. This is the area from which it ALL came. The mountains up north may have provided written notes, but the notes "which do not exist" (according to producer Tom Dowd when describing Duane Allman) came from down around the flood area. So did Charlie Patton and his disciple Robert Johnson. So did Dylan's song High Water (For Charley Patton) released in 2001, still one of the best songs he has come up with in a decade. Live, it is even better, a raging flood of sound.

Here (Below) however, is the real flood song, voice and guitar by Charlie Patton. All at the same time I might add, and with the "popping" guitar strings and the spoken asides, in one take. it is a masterpiece not yet matched. After all, Charley lived the flood... read the lyrics below as you listen, you will believe the importance of high ground open to all, not just the wealthy.

Patton's flood was so big a single side couldn't handle was a two-sided single from way back when sound equipment could barely scratch out a disc..

Presented here is High Water Everywhere (Part 1 by Charley Patton,

In the meantime, I am starting a Facebook page to encourage Dylan to do an album of Charley Patton Covers. Join UP. Title is Bob Dylan Record an Album of Charley Patton Songs.

I suggested Dylan do an album of Charley Patton covers long ago and I am going to keep posting until he does. ...No one else is worthy, and now with the voice which has now earned the gravitas required...he is ready.

Bob? It's time. Go back to the flood and record Charley Patton.

Charley Patton

High Water Everywhere (Part 1)

Charley Patton
recording of 1929-1934
Charley Patton: Founder Of The Delta Blues (Yazoo L-1020)
Well backwater done rose all around
drove me down the line
Backwater done rose at Sumner
drove poor Charley down the line
Lord I'll tell the world the water
done crept through this town
Lord the whole round country
Lord river has overflowed
Lord the whole round country
man is overflowed
You know I can't stay here
I'll go where it's high boy
I would goto the hilly country
but they got me barred
Now look-a here now at
river was risin' high
Look-a here boys around Leland tell me
river was raisin' high
Boy it's risin' over there yeah
I'm gonna move to
fore I leave goodbye
Look-a here the water now Lordy
broke rose most everywhere
The water at Greenville and Leland
Lord it done rose everywhere
Boy you can't never stay here
I would go down to
but they tell me there's water there
Now the water now mama
done took Charley's town
Well they tell me the water
done took Charley's town
Boy I'm goin' to
Well I'm goin' to Vicksburg
for that high of mine
I am goin' up that water
where lands don't never flow
Well I'm goin' over the hill where
water oh don't ever flow
Boy hit Sharkey County and everything was down in Stovall
But that whole county was leavin'
over that
Boy went to Tallahatchie and got it over there
Lord the water done rushed all over
down old Jackson road
Lord the water done raised
over the Jackson road
Boy it starched my clothes
I'm goin' back to the hilly country
won't be worried no more

Original Photograph 1935 Mississippi Convicts working at flood time Collection Jim Linderman Dull Tool Dim Bulb

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