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"If I made records for my own pleasure, I would only record Charley Patton songs." - Bob Dylan

Jeecy and the Jungle Gerald Collins and the Greatest Follow Up Record in History

Gerald Collins is Jeecy and he has made the greatest follow up record in history...30 years later!

Sputtering and stuttering, it is the return of the great Gerald Collins, and it is up to me to use my modest bully pulpit here to spread the word…the mysterious Mr. Collins having been responsible for the GREATEST PUNK SINGLE OF ALL TIME.  I'm not kidding.  Hands Down.  You can try to find better, but you won't.

The Algebra Mothers, AKA the A-moms were from Detroit and Gerald Collins is there now,  decades later.

He's the Rodriguez of Rock!  Actually, Gerald, who is now Jeecy of Jeecy and the Jungle wasn't hiding out, he was trying out different things in different places, but he has just surfaced to drop the ultimate effing follow-up record.

He returns as a slide guitar monster, looking and sounding like Elmore James found utopia and a bigger amp.   I can only wish Elmore were here to see that he hath wrought this disc.  This is not blues…but in some alternative absolutely correct universe, this is the logical extension and it is stupendous.

This is disc you must listen to, and yes, as loud as it can go.

Detroit is NOT bankrupt in the music department.  It never was.  Want Proof?  Purchase Twist and Scream and read Detroit Rock City.   Watch the documentary "A Band Called Death" 

To paraphrase the Motor City 5?  You got to pick this up, Mother Fuckers.  Jeecy has made the best POST punk record too!   DECADES LATER!  Detroit lightning strikes TWICE.

He ain't prolific, but he is a master.  There are a few videos on your google sponsored tube, but they don't capture the sound of this CD.

Subterrean Homesick blues on Michigan burning Acid.   This is Detroit.