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"If I made records for my own pleasure, I would only record Charley Patton songs." - Bob Dylan

Mitch Ryder Glaring Omission but Happy Birthday

It's Mitch Ryder's birthday.  AKA William Levise, Jr.  24 Lps in 40 years.  


Have I seen Mitch Ryder perform?  HELL yes.  I grew up in Michigan. I saw him do "Sock it to Me" when it meant exactly what it says.  It's a song about oral sex.   That's Rock and Roll.  How can the performer who did this NOT be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?   Then there is CC Rider AND Devil in a Blue Dress.  Suck THAT H.o.F

At least that Asshat Ted Nugent isn't in there either…and he was scared to death of Mitch.  Both Michigan rockers, but only one of them is any good, and it ain't the only psychedelic musician who never took drugs, but loves guns.  Hey Ted?  Remember "Journey to the Center of the Mind?"  It sucked then and it sucks now.  Go scratch some cats.

Although a slight aberration for Mitch,  he was also just about the only performer to cover Dylan right.  You heard me.  There are few good Dylan covers except for the one Mitch Ryder did, and he effing did it DISCO RAP!

Plus the video makes Peter Gabriel's videos look like mud.  He also has performed Masters of War by the bard and it's good too.

Mitch has commented on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  "There's six members on the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame board of directors and three of those men are my enemies. So what are my chances of getting in there?" —Mitch Ryder

Now THAT is rock and roll balls.  There is a great biography HERE  It rocks too!