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"If I made records for my own pleasure, I would only record Charley Patton songs." - Bob Dylan

RARE PHOTOGRAPH from the historic MISSING Bob Dylan Appearance of July 14, 1969 at the Mississippi River Festival

Photograph from the historic Bob Dylan appearance of July 14, 1969

Bob Dylan's official website lists the songs, as shown below.  But have you seen a photograph of Bob Dylan during his performance with the Band at the 1969 Mississippi River Festival at Southern Illinois University? Not long after the Woody Guthrie Gig and before the Isle of Wight?  Likely not.  There he is…Elmer Johnson himself, as he was apparently billed or announced from the stage.

From the Southern Illinois University Archives and reprinted in the book IN CONCERT: KSHE and 40+ years of Rock in St. Louis.

A key performance undocumented.  Dylan's official site lists three songs, but even they don't know the fourth one.  Six weeks before the Isle of Wight performance, and 18 months after The Woody Guthrie Tribute.

A tape?  Sources claim there isn't one, but I have been surprised before.  Anyone?

Here is the set list from

There is one other known...HERE on the Band site.
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