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"If I made records for my own pleasure, I would only record Charley Patton songs." - Bob Dylan

Who bought that Tommy Johnson record? John Tefteller did!

$37,100.00  I shared the recent eBay auction of a Tommy Johnson 78rpm record on my facebook page back when it was in process...and now I am thrilled to know John Teftteller won the auction.  No one knows more about early blues records, and I have had some small correspondence with John over the years, mostly about scarce photographs of early blues performers, but if I remember correctly, I purchased a worn out Charlie Patton disc from him too.  He is a good guy.  Every year he creates a wonderful blues calendar with graphics from the early days, and he was also responsible for turning up a scarce image of Mr. Patton.  Bravo to John, and the article HERE provides his explanation for his purchase.  By the way, there would have been MORE Tommy Johnson recordings, but as it was learned decades later, he thought he had "sold" his music when he agreed to do the some dozen discs he played on, including the one John bought, and thought he had no permission to record any more.

John's site, which is esssential, is HERE
More from John is HERE