Pass it Around

"If I made records for my own pleasure, I would only record Charley Patton songs." - Bob Dylan

All Along the Watchtower Line of Luminaries Les Paul Solos for a Beatle.

You can count the stars here…from Brian and Carl Wilson to even more obvious luminaries…but the highlight of the clip has to be George Harrison's pleasure at just being there for Les Paul's solo…which he later acknowledges with a touching touch.  George was not only a  gentleman, he knew what was important. 

While it started out as a mysterious parable, All Along the Watchtower (I interpreted it's secret before HERE) is generally, finally, considered one of the greatest rock songs written.   Later muscled up by Hendrix as the ultimate showcase for a wind-howling guitar solo and personally, I believe the most concise and best edited song Dylan ever wrote. 

This crowded stage of latter-day rock luminaries came to be at the 1988 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame event.   Enjoy.